Empowering Education in Pakistan

UOB Islamabad is Pakistan’s 1st Type II University. It is the Pakistan launch of the University of Bolton, A UK top 40 university. The Islamabad set-up has the vision to bring world-class higher education within reach for all aspiring students in Pakistan. With the launch of UOB Islamabad, students from all over Pakistan will have much more accessibility into UK Higher Education enabling them to realize their academic and professional aspirations.

Our Core Features

Why Choose Us:

Top 40 UK Education in Pakistan

Experience top-quality UK education right here in Pakistan.

The 1st Type II University

We are the first foreign university to be set up with full access to UK tutors and resources.

Get UK accredited degree in Pakistan

Receive a globally recognized degree from the prestigious University of Bolton.

State-of-the-art Programs

Explore cutting-edge programs that prepare you for success in the industry.

What Our Faculty Says


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