UOB Islamabad – Pakistan’s First HEC Approved Foreign University

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  • 12 Oct, 2023
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UOB Islamabad – Pakistan’s First HEC Approved Foreign University

Top 30 UK University, University of Bolton, Expands its Reach to Pakistan with UOB Islamabad



The University of Bolton, a renowned UK institution ranking among the top 30 UK universities, and no.1 in student satisfaction in the North West according to The Guardian, is now set to embark on an extraordinary journey as it opens UOB Islamabad, Pakistan’s first-ever Type II University.

This landmark development marks a pivotal moment in higher education, presenting aspiring students in Pakistan with unparalleled access to UK-quality education within their homeland. UOB Islamabad stands as a beacon of opportunity, bridging the gap between two nations and empowering students to unleash their full potential through a world-class educational experience.

This momentous venture is a testament to the University of Bolton’s commitment to advancing education globally and enriching the lives of students from diverse backgrounds. UOB Islamabad will embody the same ethos of academic brilliance, cutting-edge research, and a student-centric approach that has propelled the parent institution to the highest levels of success.


Unraveling the Concept of a Type II University

Unlike traditional external degree programs in Pakistan such as affiliates or teaching centers, a Type II university signifies an autonomous branch of a Foreign institution, complete with the same esteemed team, faculty, resources, and quality assurance from the foreign university itself. UOB Islamabad’s establishment exemplifies this groundbreaking approach, enabling students to immerse themselves in UK education without the need to travel abroad. This novel concept upholds the university’s unwavering dedication to providing an authentic UK academic experience within the borders of Pakistan to enable greater access to foreign higher education. 


Furthermore, UOB Islamabad enjoys the honor of being the first and only Type II institution recognized by Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC). This recognition strengthens its significance as a game-changing effort ready to push the educational landscape of the country to new heights.


A Resounding Shift in Educational Opportunities

With the setup of UOB Islamabad, students no longer need to settle for affiliations, teaching centers or other local alternatives. This unique set up brings the prestigious University of Bolton right to their doorstep, ushering in a new era of academic excellence and global exposure. Embracing the same curriculum, examinations, and delivery as its UK counterpart, UOB Islamabad offers an unrivaled opportunity for students to experience UK education without leaving their home country, ultimately receiving the same qualification they would receive if they spent their full course duration in the UK. 


Flexibility to Shape Your Future

One of the most exceptional aspects of UOB Islamabad lies in its unparalleled flexibility. Students have the liberty to seamlessly transfer their academic pursuits to the UK during their educational journey as they are automatically enrolled in both institutions and follow the same modules and teaching practices. This distinctive feature empowers the students to explore the enriching experience of studying in the UK while benefiting from their established foundation at UOB Islamabad as per their desire. The prospect of studying across borders presents an incredible advantage, fostering cross-cultural understanding and broadening horizons. Many students cannot meet the cumbersome financial and documentation requirements to pursue foreign further education, however, UOB Islamabad is being launched with the vision that these students should not be neglected the ability to study at a foreign university and miss out on all of the opportunities that stem from these qualifications. 


Full access to UK Tutors and Resources

UOB Islamabad is dedicated to ensuring that students receive nothing short of the best when it comes to academic support and resources. With full access to UK tutors and the university’s rich learning materials, students can tap into a world of knowledge, expertise and guidance. This seamless integration between UOB Islamabad and the University of Bolton allows students to thrive academically and foster an environment conducive to success regardless of whether they complete their full course locally in Pakistan or spend a portion of their course in the UK.


A Pathway to Coveted Career Opportunities 

UOB Islamabad takes pride in its validation by top employers in the fashion, business, law, and computing industries. As students pursue their studies in our cutting-edge programs, they can rest assured that their education aligns with the ever-evolving demands of the job market. To develop our students for their life after university, we have already received commitments from several of the largest private employers to provide paid internships as well as host specialized recruitment drives before graduation with our students. This prestigious validation ensures that graduates of UOB Islamabad are well-prepared to secure highly-paid jobs and coveted paid internships, providing them with a distinct advantage in their professional journey.



UOB Islamabad’s inauguration opens a new chapter in the history of Pakistan’s higher education. As the first international university, UOB Islamabad emerges as a beacon of opportunity, offering students unparalleled access to UK quality education within their homeland. The university’s commitment to excellence, innovative curriculum, and esteemed UK faculty stands as a testament to its dedication to nurturing future leaders. With UOB Islamabad, students embark on a transformative educational journey, irrespective of borders, unrivaled in scope and significance, with endless possibilities awaiting them on the path to success.


This is your chance to experience UK education without ever needing to move abroad! Admissions for UOB Islamabad for January 2024 Intake will open in the coming weeks with more details to follow on our open days, enquire today to be amongst the first to be notified. For all queries, please refer to the details below:

Visit our website: 

Get in touch with our admissions team:
+92 310 2722127


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