Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to apply?

You need the following documents to apply to The University of Bolton, Islamabad (UOBI):

  1. Previous educational documents/ certificates
  2. Your identification documents (CNIC, Passports or similar)
  3. Your Resume
  4. An Inspiring Purpose Statement

Please note that each course has its own  specific requirements, so do make sure to go through the relevant course details on the website, thoroughly.

What happens once I have applied?

Once you have applied, an admissions guide will get in touch with you to take the process further. You will be interviewed and your documents will be screened for eligibility. If you qualify you will receive an offer directly from the university.

Can I add additional documents after applying?

Yes, you may upload additional documents to the application portal once your application process has begun.

What is the campus location?

Click here to view our location on Google Maps:

What is the initial fees deposit I am required to make??

The initial fees deposit for admission at UOBI is £6.775. Please check the conversion rate for Pakistani Rupee before making the payment.

Please note: This is the fees for 1 year. For any queries regarding payments and available scholarships, talk to your admissions guide.

Is UOB Islamabad an affiliate of the University of Bolton in the UK??

No, UOBI is not an affiliate or a teaching centre. This is the direct launch of the University of Bolton in Pakistan. The country's 1st HEC Recognised UK University!

How many years is a bachelors degree at UOBI?

The bachelors degrees offered at UOBI are 3 years in duration.

When will classes start for the Jan 2024 intake?

The classes for our fist batch in January 2024, will commence on the 15th of January. For further details contact your admissions guide.

When can i apply?

The admissions window is currently open for January 2024 but the seats available are limited. Make sure to apply before the 20th of December to ensure you are selected. 

Do i need to have an IELTS to gain entry?

If you plan on studying within Pakistan only and don’t wish to shift your studies to The University of Bolton in the UK, then you do not need IELTS.

If you do decide to complete a portion of your degree in the UK then an IELTS will be necessary.

Will examinations be practical or theoretical in nature?

Exams held at UOBI will be a combination of both practical and theoretical, where applicable.

Will candidates be shortlisted on the basis of an interview or test?

At UOBI we have an extensive screening process including both interviews and tests.